Poetry of gamedesign!

“Holyshitsituation” – John Raul.

This post is about nothing serious, just some fun. Words of hidden, unknown wisdom of life are a little annoying already. Let’s just have a very quick look at how Insannesi arised. Feel it, the spirit of creativity. Imagine it’s evening, kitchen, two guys discussing something like that:

– …And there is a dog. A small one. A ball of fuzz.
– What for? (Writes: “There is a dog”).
– It’s running around, barking.
– Hmmm… A dog is good.
– Fleas are jumping off it.
– What?
– The dog.
– Why?
– I don’t know yet.
– …
– Oh, I know! There is a monkey in a cage. We are going to let it out. It will chase the dog and eat the fleas off its hair like they usually do. Have you seen it on TV? They sit in a row and pick through each other’s hair.
– Hmm…
– And without the dog she’ll play with some letter cubes. A smart monkey. Wears apron.
– What?
– An apron. She’ll help us later ’cause she is smart.
– Can she read or write?
– Yes, she can.
– And count?
– Of course!
– Right… (Writes: “monkey can count.”)
– She can’t stand vacuum cleaners.
– What cleaners?
– Vacuum cleaners. Those buzzing things. Suck up air, dust, and stuff…
– (Writes down: “Monkey doesn’t like vacuuming”).
– There’s one that chases the dog.
– What?
– The vacuum. It catches the dog, but the dog won’t fit inside the hose, so it chokes.
– (Writes: “Vacuum eats dog”).
– The dog is passing by…
– What dog?
– The do… I mean the monkey notices the poor doggie, gets angry and breaks the vacuum. That’s it! Her getting angry is very important!
– Right. In other words, she sets the dog free… (Writes down: “Monkey breaks vacuum”).
– What are you doing? I said, anger is important.
– (“Enraged monkey furiously breaks the vacuum”).
– Alright. Good. And we can use the vacuum to fly to the next level.
– But it’s broken, isn’t it?
– We make a rocket out of its parts and set it to ‘blow’ instead of ‘suck’. Get it? It’s important ’cause otherwise we can’t take off.
– I see. (Writes: “Rocket to ‘blow'”). Well, take a look. Looks pretty good to me.
(Reads carefully)

–  Yes, excellent! Let’s get to work then!

Well. You may say that strange ideas won’t survive, but believe us most of this is implemented and works.

See you.