About Armory3D again.

“Just so!” – John Raul

In our previus post we wrote about the new game engine. A new paradigm, close integration in blender and so on.. Who hasn’t still seen and wants to take a closer look, you can do it here and here..

It has been a long time since our last post about it, but Armory3D wasn’t standing still and has been developing further and finally we can show you a small in-between result, which we decided to make in order to test the engine.
Well, we can tell you, the magician wasn’t drunk and it was a good experience.

To see our precious click here..

Of course, we want a lot to tell you about our first impressions while working with this miracle!

1. It’s a bomb!
2. It’s the eighth wonder of the world!
3. Let’s get serious. There is just version 0.1 out, and many many things are already working. Render, GI, shaders, scripts, nodes, physics. And for this kind of version it works very stable. Our scene with the christmas tree works even with bad skinning (4 bones at one vertex), although it gets problematic, if there are more than two ot them.
4. Now to the drawbacks. Everything had to bee studied blindly. Can be compared with wandering in the dark. BUT! Many github examples and long-term knowledge of blender saved us. It’s been compensated with aforementioned close integration in blender. Due to it we could quietly click here and there by studing the engine. This integration is well done. The console output helps a lot too, it gives some very useful information to understand what is wrong.
5. And of course the bugs. But for version 0.1 there are very few. Can’t remember about explicit crashes.

Ok. The engine is developing further. Meanwhile a patreon campain has started.
Engine community is making a small top down shooter.
And we are still working on InsannesI.

News will come.