First launch of Armory3D.

Hello everyone!

Once we described a new game engine called Armory3D in one of older posts.

Of course it would be strange not to try and get experience with all that goodies of a new paradigm.

I must say straightaway, we’ve got a good feeling about this, but let’s go one thing after another.

Once upon a time, in a dark forest three fabulous id.. heroes decided to make a point and click game. But not just a simple point and click but mixed with action levels. The main idea had been consolidated and the work started. At that point blender game engine was chosen and it should have been enough for our goals. The first level was built and the feedback was ok. I don’t know, maybe the milk got sour.. at the end the whole thing was dropped.

And not long ago Armory was born with some promising perspectives. It was a sin not to try. One level is ready, the characters are ready, everything is there and in blender format. All birds are killed and aren’t even twitching.

At the moment build 11 is the newest one. We should explicitly advise to be extremely careful and precise with scene management. Little flaws like forgotten unattached materials, misplaced nodes or bad skin weighting or… and engine crashes without any message or doesn’t compile even with prayer. (No time to analyse the console). Proceed with caution..

Although it took time to get familiar, since we got the flow, not only importing old things but also making new geometry and materials hasn’t been causing no tremor. It took about one hour. After putting all the things together there was a lot of time for experimenting with the shaders while the engine was still running. The result is modest, but stable.

As a result:

– Materials, objects, armatures, animation and lighting are working.

– Up untill now we haven’t got full control over animation (didn’t really try). It is set up by default. Also it doesn’t work with volumetrics, reflections and refractions. The walls of terrarium are simply transparent. Though, this task is already difficult enough for any type of engine.

– The next task is to get control over animation, scripting, nodes and sound. At the end something playable should emerge.