An special game engine.

“Yesterday it will be worse than tomorrow”
John Raul

Hello everyone!

Today I want to discuss about a promising thing, namely a new game engine.

Since the start of Project InsannesI our team has been using Blender. (Who thinks Blender is an kitchen Device, it’ s your own fault). And not long ago, at a new game engine was announced – Armory3D.

This one.

His website –

Ok, announced.. Like tons of other game engines. So?

However, after reading the development concept and the basic idea of the engine, it has become clear that the idea is brilliant and promising and it has has already a pretty robust implementation.

List of some in my opinion significant advantages:

– The engine is available as an add-on for Blender. It is the closest symbiosis of a game engine and Blender. Just design levels, characters virtually completely in the engine. No issues with formats, animation, axis standards etc.

– Has its own very strong renderer. The picture is really impressing, although several questions remain open.

– GUI of Blender! No need to write a new one. Nodes of blender, nodes of cycles. Everything has already been done.

– The freedom of engine development isn’t restricted. One way road. No need to wait until next Blender release to implement some new features. New functions of Blender could be accepted as needed. No permission from Blender code committers needed (open source). Therefore development is faster.

– In my opinion, the biggest advantage is the deepest render customization based on nodes. You decide which object takes part in which pass.

– A bunch of other things, like Blender assets -> automatically Armory assets, Haxe (just mighty), multi-platform…

It seems to have everything you want, does it?.. But the flower of life doesn’t bloom without success and glory. Like any other idea, this one should be pushed upstairs. And if you are interested, you can help…

We wish all developers good luck, keep it up.