For the first time.

“Towards the dream, beyond the horizon, over the fence!”
John Raul

Hey there!
Finally, after long days and nights of hard work, our little team has managed to bring out something playable. See for yourself:

They’ve had a crash-landing and are now trying to survive in the severe terrestrial environment. Their enemies, Mr.Old Cooking Pot & Co., stand in their way to obtaining the spare parts of their space ship.

In the game you can:
-Run, sometimes jump, swim and even fly.
-Shoot & fire.
-Use the echolocator for your dirty purposes.
-Search for the way back home.
-Solve puzzles.
-Put together the space ship.
-Use enemies’ hands and feet.
-Throw garbage.
-Teleport, catapult.
-Piss off a squirrel.
-Nothing at all.
That’s how many things you can do!

The game is inspiring, exciting, enraging, soothing, annoying, elating, intoxicating and sobering. We hope that no one’s gonna get bored.

See you!
May the latest news be with you.