Some charakters of InsannesI world

“A little more and it won’t come true” – John Raul

Hello everybody.
We were sitting together and decided to make some samples of characters in their evil states. Here are bandits and thieves and revolutionists and destroyers…

The cockroach hits with its sack and puts the victim in it. The snail compensates its “dawdler complex” by firing a mortar. The nurse is dreaming about a driver career. The Napoleon-bug has escaped from an asylum, he disturbs the peace and calls his friends. The lady bug is a kleptomaniac, it steals fast food and covers its tracks. The Old Cooking Pot is on the search for spare parts. The gang on the handcar robs trains. The flower has swallowed a piece of dynamite and is dozing. Everyone is unhappy and broken. But everyone is similarly dangerous for our bugs team.

Of course it isn’t everything. We could write about planet Mom and her lost planet child, about the bodybuilder fly and fireman mosquito, about the slippers of the invisible man and much more. But that’s a different story. Let us not hurry.

News will come.

An special game engine.

“Yesterday it will be worse than tomorrow”
John Raul

Hello everyone!

Today I want to discuss about a promising thing, namely a new game engine.

Since the start of Project InsannesI our team has been using Blender. (Who thinks Blender is an kitchen Device, it’ s your own fault). And not long ago, at a new game engine was announced – Armory3D.

This one.

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